Here we are in 2021. For most of us, last year has been a challenging, difficult year, homeworking, very little social contacts, stress, illness.
It is very tempting to close quickly this period of time and move forward.

My proposal is totally different: how can you revisit this experience and highlight all the positive elements you got from it, not only focusing on the difficulties? What have you discovered; learned through this period? What do you want to put in place in 2021, based on that?

For me, 2020 has been an opportunity to reconnect to the meaning of my job, coaching, helping people and organization to transform. And to answer the question: Why do I get up in the morning, what is the purpose of my professional activity? And the answer is for me to unlock individual and team potentials, connect people to their strengths and talents.

I also realized that I could do all this even if I am not sitting close by my clients.

I also discovered new creative ways to accompany my clients, proposing them new experiences.

best regards,

Laurence Leveque