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Your talents are your greatest asset

Ressources & Talents is featured in the September issue of Entreprendre magazine (published in French). You will find an interview of our founder, Laurence Levêque. She highlights the firm's offer and specific way of working. Below is a transcript of the article, translated in English:

“Slow down? Are you crazy?”

It is exactly what told myself when I deliberately chose to spend 6 hours in a slower train instead of a High Speed TGV train during my last travel in France. I followed my intuition, the opposite of any rational logic of optimization and efficiency... and I rediscovered the hidden treasures of slowness. 

Did you check how your team was REALLY doing?

Corporate leaders often focus on the task to accomplish or the next action to take. This is probably even more the case in a crisis situation. How do we secure cash? How can we secure operations ? How can we stay connected to our clients? There is so much to think of, so many issues to resolve during this unique period. Obviously, all of these are key to companies’ survival. But if you forget to take the time to show genuine interest in your team members’ wellbeing, this will impact their performance and engagement levels negatively.

Managing your life in quarantine

If you are working from home and sharing that home with others, how can you go through this chaotic period of time and keep your energy and performance at top levels? Here are 4 tips to better work in a lockdown situation.