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Your talents are your greatest asset

Ressources & Talents is featured in the September issue of Entreprendre magazine (published in French). You will find an interview of our founder, Laurence Levêque. She highlights the firm's offer and specific way of working. Below is a transcript of the article, translated in English:

“The coaching boutique founded by Laurence Levêque, professional coach, provides support for managers and their teams, particularly in the context of corporate change - takeover, sale, merger, change of scale. Interview with Laurence Levêque.

What is your professional background?

I have a master’s degree in engineering from Centrale Supelec, then I spent 15 years in major groups (Nestlé, Tetra Pak) working on innovation issues, right up to top management positions. This has given me a very operational grounding and a good understanding of the business and human challenges. From 2007, I trained in professional coaching and other support tools. Ongoing training is an integral part of my job, and I use the approaches best suited to each customer. And in 2010, I set up my own structure, bringing together a team of senior coaches with whom I'm used to working.

What do you offer?

Executive coaching, team coaching, large group seminars to mobilize larger teams or divisions, leadership training to transform yourself as a person. We work in both French and English, thanks to our European network of coaches, for companies of all sizes: Arval, Barry Callebaut, BNP Paribas, Copartis, Serac, Sodexo, etc.

How do you deliver executive coaching?

I work with the manager and/or his team, often with another coach: this gives us a dual perspective and complementary coaching profiles. With us, the manager can take a step back and ask himself the right questions on a human level: how does he want to instill a new way of working together so that the company performs better? How to build a high-performance management team to achieve this? It's all about having a coherent managerial culture.

We look at the forces at work (the expertise of the leader, the talent of the teams, etc.) to find out what needs to be changed, and we are careful to make the link between performance and people. Our clients are convinced that both are important to be successful, and they are conscious that their teams need to work together.”